Past Appearances & Events


Podcast: Popaganda

Necessary Trouble is excerpted in the Winter “Chaos” issue of Bitch magazine, and I was also a guest on the magazine’s Popaganda podcast. Check it out.

Event • San Francisco, CA

Radio: In Deep with Angie Coiro

I’ll be joining Angie Coiro for a live recording of In Deep Radio at KALW in San Francisco.

Event • San Francisco, CA

Howard Zinn Book Fair

I’ll be joining Cynthia Kaufman for talk about ideas for action and trouble–drawing on her book Ideas for Action and on Necessary Trouble.

Event • Providence, RI

Americans in Revolt:Sarah Jaffe Talks Trouble with Daniel Denvir

Join Nation Institute fellow Sarah Jaffe and journalist Daniel Denvir as they discuss Jaffe’s new title from Nation Books, NECESSARY TROUBLE: Americans in Revolt.

Event • Miami, FL

Miami Book Fair

I’m joining National Book Award winner (and Nation Books comrade) Ibram X. Kendi, author of Stamped from the Beginning, and Carol Anderson, author of White Rage, at the Miami Book Fair on November 20 to talk about racism and making change. I couldn’t think of a more important time for this conversation, or two people that I’d […]


Podcast: Political Eh-Conomy with Michal Rozworski

On the evening after T-day (the election of Donald Trump, I should clarify) I chatted with Michal Rozworski about what happened, what laid the groundwork, what comes next. I still felt gobsmacked but tried to sort through some of it for his listeners, who are mostly in Canada. He titled it “Don’t Mourn, Organize!” though I […]

Event • Clarion, PA

Labor’s Love Lost: On Gender, Work, and Rebellion at Clarion University

As part of Clarion University’s Equity Week and the Mary L. Seifert Cultural Series: United States of Gender, I’ll be giving a talk at the university on gender, work, and rebellion, drawing on the reporting in Necessary Trouble and the work I’m putting toward the next book. Sarah Jaffe is a Nation Institute fellow and […]

Event • Germany

TV: Kulturzeit

When I wrote Necessary Trouble I didn’t really think that anyone outside of the U.S. would care. Then this ridiculous election spun out of control and I started getting requests from other countries’ media. Here’s a couple of spots I did on German public television: one on Marxism in the U.S. and one on Trump v. […]

Event • Nationwide

Radio: The Nicole Sandler Show

I talked Necessary Trouble with Nicole Sandler of the Nicole Sandler show as part of the preview run-up to the Miami Book Fair–I’ll be there next month.