Belabored Podcast #110: Americans in Revolt, with Sarah Jaffe

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A first book launch from our very own Sarah Jaffe! For over two years she has painstakingly chronicled and analyzed social movements since the 2008 financial crisis, and Belabored couldn’t be prouder to present the final product with an exclusive interview with the author. From the other side of the mic, Sarah discusses the political developments depicted in Necessary Trouble, drawing connections among the activists and campaigns she’s followed in her reporting over the years, and illuminates new horizons in American radicalism.

In other news, we look at another digital newsroom organizing battle, India’s child labor loophole, a right-to-work showdown in West Virginia, and Olympic sexism. With recommended reading on a union battle at a Trump casino and labor’s decline in the shadow of Trump.

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U.S. Soccer’s women deserve as much as the men — even when they lose (Mashable)

Sarah: Why Are U.S. Women’s World Cup Champs Paid Like Chumps? (DAME)

Michelle: India’s New Child-Labor Loophole (The Nation)

The New Law Banning Child Labour is No Ban At All (The Wire)

Another News Site Is Trying To Unionize. This Time, Management Is Fighting It Hard. (Huffington Post)

Preliminary injunction halts “Right-to-Work” law throughout West Virginia (WSAZ)

Labor unions file lawsuits challenging ‘right-to-work’ (Charleston Gazette-Mail)


Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt by Sarah Jaffe

A guided tour of American radicalism (Washington Post)

Pre-order the book here.

Read the first chapter, and check out Sarah’s national book tour dates here.

Argh, I Wish I’d Written That!

Sarah: Adolph Reed, Doubling Down in Atlantic City (Jacobin)

Michelle: Neil Gross, The Decline of Unions and the Rise of Trump (New York Times)

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