Belabored Podcast #129: A New Dawn for Labour? With Ronan Burtenshaw

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Okay, maybe the UK election results—in which Labour defied all expectations, confounded the pundits, and snatched away the Tories’ absolute majority—weren’t exactly a sweep for the left per se, but after months of transatlantic electoral heartburn, the vote marked at least a taste of sweet victory for progressives. We spoke to Jacobin Magazine Europe Editor Ronan Burtenshaw for post-election analysis of how a new progressive populism is challenging the status quo in Britain and perhaps the United States. And we look at the challenges facing Labour and Corbynism as they seek not just to go against all odds, but to win.

In other news, we examine the healthcare reform implosion in Washington, NAFTA’s impending Pandora’s Box, and the gender tax on college debt. With recommended reading on Ivanka’s shady factory and America’s class blinders.

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Michelle: NAFTA Is Broken. Trump Has All the Wrong Fixes. (The Nation)

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Ronan Burtenshaw, Jacobin Magazine Europe Editor

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Argh, I Wish Id Written That!

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