One year later

Necessary Trouble dropped a year ago today. It was a different world, and yet it was the same world. The movements were smaller, and yet they were developing rapidly into the things we know today.

I’m so proud of my book and the reach it’s had, the reviews it got (y’all made me blush over and over again) and the conversations I had with people all over the world about it. I’m so grateful to all of you who bought a copy, gifted it, borrowed it from a library and engaged with it. I went to twenty-four cities and towns in fourteen states (most recently, New Hampshire) and Washington, D.C. to talk to people about it at book festivals and bookstores and community reading groups and libraries.

Thanks to my brilliant editor, Katy O’Donnell, to my lifesaving publicist Kristina Fazzalaro, to the entire Nation Books team, to my tireless agent Lydia Wills. Thanks to every one of over 100 organizers, hellraisers, troublemakers and activists who talked to me for it. And thanks to you, for your support.

The paperback of the book drops very soon, on September 5. It has a brand-new preface and an updated conclusion and some edits here and there. If you have read it, it is very much still the same book. If you have not, the paperback is pretty and it’s updated and it’s smaller and more portable (I am a lover of the paperback form because I always have a book on me, so I am pleased my book did well enough to warrant a paperback edition). The ebook should be updated as well.

I’ll be doing a few events to promote it, about which more soon. Thanks again.

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