Belabored Podcast #133: Laboring Against Privatization, with Joseph A. McCartin

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Before fascism and political turmoil descended on the country this week, Trump was scheduled to showcase his grand plan for overhauling the nation’s infrastructure. So while you’re on the frontlines of resistance, we take a close look at Trump’s plan to stealthily privatize massive chunks of the the government, what it means for both public and private sector labor, and how the labor movement should respond. We speak with Georgetown history professor Joseph McCartin about the history of public worker unionism, the legacy of PATCO (the anti-union war waged by the President who was just anointed as Trump’s labor hero), and how today’s workers can build power across the workforce.

In other news we look at labor against white supremacy in California and North Carolina, scandal at the UAW, mobilizing against right-to-work in Missouri, and unions at the NAFTA talks. With reflections on why baby poop and marriage are labor issues.

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Unions turn in 310,000 signatures to repeal Missouri right-to-work law (The Kansas City Star)

Labor Wants to Make Nafta Its Friend. Here’s the Problem. (New York Times)


Joseph A. McCartin, Georgetown University

McCartin: Bargaining for the Common Good (Dissent)

McCartin: After the Friedrichs Scare (Jacobin)

McCartin: Public Sector Unionism under Assault: How to Combat the Scapegoating of Organized Labor (New Labor Forum)

McCartin: The Strike That Busted Unions (New York Times)

Argh, I Wish Id Written That!

Sarah: Arthur Delaney, Bad Jobs And No Welfare Give Rise To A New Type Of Charity: The Diaper Bank (Huffington Post)

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