Belabored Podcast #143: Planning for a Post-Trump Future, with Rachel Cohen

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The government shutdown is over, with the Democrats giving in to a deal that leaves DREAMers unprotected and Trump’s power unabated. Still, there will come a time when Trump is gone, and labor will have to pick up the pieces. Rachel Cohen, a DC-based freelance journalist, joins us to talk about her reporting, at The Intercept, on labor’s plans for the post-Trump future. What can we learn from the last two failures of major labor law reform? From other countries’ collective bargaining systems? Will the Democrats continue to cave? 

We also look at the surprising uptick in union membership in 2017, union wins at the Los Angeles Times and Slate, the prison strike in Florida and the attempt to impose work requirements for Medicaid. For Argh, we consider the immigrant workers who feed the people who are trying to deport them, and the history of democracy in the workplace. 

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Striking Florida Prisoners Thrown in Solitary Confinement, Activists Say (Miami New Times)

Sarah: Work requirements for Medicaid and other attempts to dismantle healthcare (Interviews for Resistance)

Los Angeles Times newsroom votes to go union amid growing corporate tumult (Poynter)

Slate Staffers Vote to Unionize in Defiance of Stiff Management Resistance (Splinter News)

Union Membership byte 2018 (Center for Economic and Policy Research)



Rachel M. Cohen

How The Labor Movement Is Thinking Ahead to a Post-Trump World (The Intercept)

Argh, I Wish Id Written That!

Michelle: Barry Eidlin and Micah Uetricht, Defending Democracy Means Organizing Your Workplace (In These Times)

Sarah: Dave Jamieson, These Women Have Spent Years Cleaning Up After Senators Who Now Want To Deport Them (Huffington Post)

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