Belabored Podcast #176: Talking Union in NYC

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This week we bring you excerpts of a conversation on labor organizing in a changing economy, hosted by the Sterling Foundation in New York City. We brought together unconventional strands of the labor world to think about how to build movements creatively and effectively while working on the margins of society. Here, Bhairavi Desai of New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Bianca Cunningham of Labor Notes, and Valeria Treves of the LIFT Fund talk about how the labor movement can evolve to become more inclusive, powerful, and responsive to the needs of diverse working-class communities.

In other news, we’ve got Walmart workers and garment workers crashing shareholder meetings, fast food with a side of harassment and supersized rage, and cabbies caught in a ponzi scheme. With recommended reading on the theory and practice of organizing, and the thankless work of dementia care.

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McDonald’s investigated over racism and harassment claims in Brazil (Guardian)

‘They Were Conned’: How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi Drivers (New York Times)


Bhairavi Desai, New York Taxi Workers Alliance

Bianca Cunningham, Labor Notes

Valeria Treves, LIFT Fund

Sarah: Brooklyn Wireless Workers Vote to Save Their Union (Dissent)

Michelle: New York’s Taxi System Is Broken—Can This Workers’ Plan Fix It? (The Nation)

Sarah and Michelle: Belabored Podcast #175: Shut off the Apps, with International Striking Uber and Lyft Drivers (Dissent)


Sarah: Alyssa Battistoni, Spadework (n+1)

Michelle: Anonymous,  “I have to treat patients like objects”: the harsh reality of working in dementia care (Guardian)

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