Belabored Podcast #184: Organizing the Unorganizable, with Jason Moyer-Lee

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General Motors workers took to the picket lines this week around the United States, in an unexpected and major strike that has long-term implications. We talk to autoworker Sean Crawford about the strike and what’s at stake. Then, from the UK, as the Labour party gathers for its annual conference and The World Transformed festival, we bring you an extended interview with Jason Moyer-Lee of the Independent Workers Great Britain (IWGB), a new union organizing everyone from foster care workers to Uber drivers to video game programmers—everyone, in other words, that the rest of the labor movement tends to say can’t be unionized. We learn how they’ve done it and more. 

We also check in on gig economy workers in California after a big victory, and Kickstarter employees who’ve filed charges of retaliation for union activity. For Argh, we talk about yoga instructors unionizing, and think about what stake unions have in fighting for housing justice for all. 

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Michelle: Hey, Uber and Lyft: Gig Work Is Work. California Just Said So. (In These Times)

Unionizing Workers Just Accused Kickstarter of Retaliatory Firings in a Federal Complaint (Slate)

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IWGB Union

Jason Moyer-Lee in the Guardian


Michelle: Marnie Brady, Workers and Renters of the World, Unite!  (Jacobin)

Sarah: Sarah Jones, The Scourge of Worker Wellness Programs (New York)

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