Belabored Podcast #189: International Solidarity

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How do we reach across borders to build a truly international labor movement? How does labor beat a rising far right that pitches nationalist arguments to try to win over working-class people, and how can we learn from the international solidarity of the past? We bring you a conversation today on all of these topics and more, recorded live in Erie, Pennsylvania, between Eugenio Narcia Tovar, of the Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT) in Mexico, Louise Casselman of the Public Service Alliance in Canada, and Tom Bobrowicz of UE Local 506 in Erie.

We also talk to striking university lecturer Claire English and security worker Amjad Khan in London, look at union-busting inside the house at the National Labor Relations Board, and greet a new coalition dedicated to tackling Amazon. For argh, we consider labor’s ongoing fight against sexual harassment and the long fight for paid family leave.

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Agency Workers Stage Protest Against Labor Board Actions (Bloomberg)

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University staff make trade union history as UCL employees and outsourced workers strike together (Morning Star)

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Eugenio Narcia Tovar, of the Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT) in Mexico

Louise Casselman of the Public Service Alliance in Canada

Tom Bobrowicz of UE Local 506 in Erie


Michelle: Mona L. Siegel, The Forgotten Origins of Paid Family Leave (New York Times)

Sarah: Kim Kelly, Labor Took on “Bad Bosses” Long Before #MeToo (The New Republic)

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