Belabored Podcast #203: What the Pandemic Taught Us About Basic Income, with Barb Jacobson

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The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic saw governments around the world experimenting with ways to pay people to stay home, from the $1,200 stimulus check sent out by the U.S. government to the UK’s furlough scheme to more direct basic income-style programs. Now, as some of those programs wind down—even as the pandemic is far from over—what have we learned about what happens when the government just, well, gives people money? Our guest this week is Barb Jacobson from the Basic Income UK network, a longtime organizer and advocate for universal income. 

We also talk with New York teacher Kevin Prosen about the fight over reopening schools, and a breakthrough union vote for California childcare workers. We look at the battle over renewing expanded unemployment benefits, and the latest from Uber drivers battling misclassification. And for Argh, we consider organizing the unemployed and who has a right to the suburbs. 

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Sarah: How the New York City School System Failed the Test of Covid-19 (The Nation)

Full Steam Ahead on Reopening Schools? No Way, Say Teachers (Labor Notes)

Chicago Public Schools will go fully remote to start the fall (Chicago Sun Times)

California family child care providers vote to join union (EdSource)

California labor commissioner sues Uber and Lyft, alleging wage theft (LA Times)

We Drive Progress

Wave of evictions expected as moratoriums end in many states (AP)

Why a Relief Bill is so Elusive This Time (The American Prospect)



Basic Income UK

Barb Jacobson on Patreon

Barb Jacobson, Coronavirus and Universal Basic Income: Inoculating against the virus of insecurity (The Canary)

UBI Lab Network

Basic Income Conversation

Citizen’s Basic Income Trust

Basic Income Earth Network

Income Movement

Action for a “people’s stimulus”

Basic Income March (September 19)

US Basic Income Guarantee


Argh, I wish I’d written that!

Sarah: Jake Douglas and Ben Reynolds, ‘We Feed You, Don’t Let Us Starve’: Restaurant Workers Mobilize to Extend Unemployment Benefits (Labor Notes)

Michelle: Richard Kahlenberg, The Low-Wage Mothers of Color Who Want to Become Suburban Moms (The American Prospect)

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