Sarah Jaffe, Author of Work Won’t Love You Back, on Labor and Exploitation at Teen Vogue

The wonderful Kim Kelly interviewed me about Work Won’t Love You Back for Teen Vogue! We talked about exploitation, Wages for Housework, organizing at Google and Amazon, and much much more. She writes:

Wry, passionate, and at times heartrending, Work Won’t Love You Back finds Jaffe breaking bread with artists, interns, domestic workers, video game designers, academics, and many others who have seen their labor systematically devalued, dismissed, and disregarded due to the nature of what they produce and factors beyond their control, like gender, race, and identity. Jaffe explores the “labor of love” myth, which is familiar to starving artists of the past and today’s content creators, and reminds us that none of this is immovable; change is always possible. As Jaffe writes, despite the strict theoretical connection between labor and capital, in practice, that relationship status is often… complicated. “Labor, after all, is us,” she says. “Messy, desiring, hungry, lonely, angry, frustrated human beings.” 

Read the whole thing at Teen Vogue.

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