Belabored: Stopping the Spread of Prop 22

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California’s Proposition 22 locked in a second-tier status for gig economy workers through a ballot initiative in November, but Uber and Lyft drivers, among other gig workers, haven’t stopped organizing for better, in California and around the country. In today’s episode we dig into the issue in depth, first with Nicole Moore, a California driver with Rideshare Drivers United, who tells us about the organizing going on to fight for workers’ rights after Prop 22, and then with economist Marshall Steinbaum, who has studied the bill and its potential to spread across the country, and shares some thoughts about how to stop it.

Since we have a new administration taking office this week, we also look at our incoming Secretary of Labor and consider the damage Trump did to workers on his way out the door. And we discuss a new ban on products from China’s Xinjiang region, where forced labor is estimated to be rampant, and the arrest of striking essential workers right here in New York. For Argh, we point out that COVID-19 is a workplace disease, and the collective organizing of musicians.

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