Why Work Doesn’t Work, at PopMatters

Airelle Perrouin reviewed Work Won’t Love You Back for PopMatters! She writes:

This could have been essential reading at any time in the last 40 years, but released in January 2021,at the start of a year filled with economic and pandemic fear and uncertainty, Work Won’t Love You Back offers an important, timely reminder of the meaning of work. Jaffe highlights the critical connection between the terms we use to describe work, and the conditions we are willing to accept for ourselves and others. The crisis surrounding the people who work for companies like Amazon and Target is only one of the latest manifestations of the humanitarian failures of late capitalism. In another example of the dangers of capitalist exploitation, Jaffe refers to the tragic accident at Rana Plaza, a garment factory in Bangladesh that killed 1,132 people, and injured 2,500 more, when it collapsed in 2013.

Read the whole thing at PopMatters

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