National Conference on Media Reform: The Future of Journalism is…Comics?

Comics are used in a variety of ways. They have the ability to create worlds on a page; they cost less than a film or TV crew; and they blend storytelling with images seamlessly in a way that even the best photographs can’t do. This session, presented at the National Conference for Media Reform in […]

Event • New York, NY

Labor Solidarity in Divided Times: Perspectives from U.S. & European Labor Leaders

From Brexit to Trump’s election to the rise of the radical right across Europe, the political context across Europe and the U.S. has shifted significantly in the past year. The divisive nature of the current political moment is particularly important to the labor movement and its allies – racism, xenophobia and misogyny, in particular, are […]

Event • Chicago, IL

Socialism 2017: Rust Belt Reactionaries?

I’ll be at the Socialism 2017 conference all weekend, Thursday July 6-Sunday July 9. On Friday at 2pm I am paired with the excellent Sharon Smith to talk about today’s working class, what the myths and media blitzes get wrong, and what we know about organizing. Necessary Trouble will be on sale from the good folks […]

Event • Chicago, IL

People’s Summit 2017

Media, Our Movement, and the Political Revolution from National Nurses United on Vimeo. I joined Sarah Leonard, Winnie Wong, David Sirota and Nomiki Konst to talk about media and the political moment at the People’s Summit 2017.

Event • Seattle, WA

A New Cycle of Protest? Occupy Wall Street and Beyond: American Sociological Association Plenary

Five years ago, a new wave of social movements emerged in the United States and worldwide, beginning with Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York City and then spread across the nation and the globe. This in turn gave rise to a variety of other social movements, from Black Lives Matter, to the Fight […]

Event • Chicago, IL

Socialism 2016: Necessary Trouble

With Sarah Jaffe, Mike Shea and Flynn Murray We are witnessing a moment of unprecedented political engagement and social activism. Pundits once fretted about Americans’ apathy, but in the last few years we’ve seen uprisings and protests across the country: the growth of the Tea Party; the successful fight for a $15 minimum wage; a […]

Event • Chicago, IL

People’s Summit 2016

I was a guest at the People’s Summit in June of 2016 to talk about media.