TV: The Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders gave me my start in journalism and I like to say she taught me everything I know. So it’s always an extra pleasure to be on her show. WORKERS, WILDCATS & NEW MODELS FOR LABOR ORGANIZING Laura talks to SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry and labor journalist Sarah Jaffe about worker wins, […]


TV: Happy Ending with Nando Vila

What’s work going to look like in the next several decades? Do we even need bosses? An extended interview I did with Nando Vila on his Fusion TV show, Happy Ending. You can watch the full episode of the show (including my appearance in an honest-to-goodness comedy sketchy) at Fusion.


TV: Barack Obama’s legacy, at Al Jazeera’s The Stream

I was a guest on Al Jazeera’s The Stream to talk about Barack Obama’s legacy with some excellent comrades, including Mychal Denzel Smith and Vijay Prashad. Part one, on domestic policy, above (and here), part two on foreign policy (and immigration) here.

Event • Germany

TV: Kulturzeit

When I wrote Necessary Trouble I didn’t really think that anyone outside of the U.S. would care. Then this ridiculous election spun out of control and I started getting requests from other countries’ media. Here’s a couple of spots I did on German public television: one on Marxism in the U.S. and one on Trump v. […]

Event • New York, NY

TV: Inside City Hall

The excellent Errol Louis at NY1’s Inside City Hall had me on the show to discuss Necessary Trouble. 

Event • Nationwide

TV: The Thom Hartmann Show

I joined Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture to talk about Necessary Trouble.  Part II here.