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How COVID-19 Changed Work on WFPL In Conversation

I joined WFPL, Kentucky Public Radio, for a labor day conversation on work and why it’s failing us.

If you work for a living, figuring out how to live and work during COVID-19 has been no small job.

Some are still wrestling with working remotely and staying productive when the commute to work involves passing the television set. Others are working from home while also learning how to homeschool their kids. Many are front-line workers juggling a deadly pandemic, personal politics and PPE mandates. For a few of us, workplace struggles might be as simple as figuring out how to ask about a co-worker’s vaccination status without sounding like a lawyer cross-examining a hostile witness.

On this week’s “In Conversation,” we talked work. With Sarah Jaffe, author of “Work Won’t Love You Back: How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone”, and Jason Bailey of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, we discuss what’s up with so many people deciding to up and leave their jobs, which some have dubbed “the great resignation.” Women in particular are leaving the workforce in droves, and equity consultant Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown joins us to discuss what particular challenges have one-in-four women peacing out of corporate America. And Betsy Johnson, president of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities/Kentucky Center for Assisted Living, unpacks how the changing tide of COVID-19 concerns impacts the employees of nursing homes and other assisted living facilities.