Event • New York, NY

Labor Solidarity in Divided Times: Perspectives from U.S. & European Labor Leaders

From Brexit to Trump’s election to the rise of the radical right across Europe, the political context across Europe and the U.S. has shifted significantly in the past year.

The divisive nature of the current political moment is particularly important to the labor movement and its allies – racism, xenophobia and misogyny, in particular, are being used to divide working people. At the same time, an elevated level of activism has emerged to protect the most vulnerable and fight for social justice.

How can the labor movement play a major role in protecting the most vulnerable in our societies, resisting rising authoritarianism, and still play offense to build a powerful workers’ movement despite intensifying attacks on worker rights and collective representation?

I’m moderating this session with some of my favorite labor folks:

Linda Burnham, Research Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Bhairavi Desai, Executive Director, New York Taxi Workers Alliance
Hector Figueroa, President, SEIU 32BJ
Gabriela Ibrom, IG Metall, Transnational Department
Chuck Jones, Former President, United Steelworkers Local 1999
Esther Lynch, Confederal Secretary, ETUC