Podcast: Citations Needed

The term “welfare” is thrown around so casually in political speeches and media coverage we hardly notice it anymore. CNN reports that “GOP will tackle Medicare, Medicaid, welfare in 2018,” while The Washington Post insists that “Trump recently called on Congress to move to cut welfare spending after the tax bill.” CBS News tells viewers that “Washington eyes welfare reform.”

But what do these outlets and the Republican Party actually mean when they talk about “welfare”? What programs are they referring to? The exact definition of “welfare” – which supposedly ended over 20 years ago – remains unclear.

While the word “welfare” and the welfare state has a positive connotation in Europe, in the United States it’s more often than not a malleable propaganda term meant to dog whistle programs for African-Americans and Latinos while signaling to whites that their checks and corporate handouts will remain untouched.

I joined Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson on the Citations Needed podcast to talk about my piece on “welfare” and the Right’s long con on the subject.