Event • Philadelphia, PA

Wooden Shoe Books

A reading with independent journalist Sarah Jaffe. Sarah Jaffe’s forthcoming book NECESSARY TROUBLE: Americans in Revolt (Nation Books, August 23, 2016) bears witness to the unprecedented trend of political engagement and social activism that has gripped Americans across state and party lines since 2008.

Sarah is a Nation Institute fellow and a rising star in progressive journalism. Her work has appeared in theNation, Salon, In These Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, and more. She is the cohost of Dissentmagazine’s Belabored podcast, as well as an editorial board member at Dissent and a columnist at New Labor Forum.

In NECESSARY TROUBLE, she offers an incisive and compelling political commentary at a pivotal time in American politics. As millions of individuals are rejecting DC-groomed politicos for off-the-beaten-path (and possibly off-kilter) presidential candidates, Sarah contends that this is less an aberration and more an explosive example of the new normal of American politics. On this sweeping activism, Jaffe declares: “It is up to those of us who have not yet taken action to decide if we want a more equal, a more just country. If we do, we may just have to make some trouble to bring it about.”