Refugees are welcome here, with Daniel Altschuler of Make the Road NY

Daniel Altschuler of Make The Road New York checks in from the rally outside of Terminal 4 at New York’s JFK Airport, where refugees whose legal status abruptly changed after Trump’s latest executive order are being held in limbo.

This crowd is going to be here for many hours, there’s tremendous enthusiasm here, there’s a vigil that’s called for 6pm, there’s been constant chanting, amazing people showing up and just making their signs on the spot to say that they’re going to resist, to say no Muslim ban, to say they stand with refugees. This is not one of those times where there’s a designated beginning point and endpoint, this is a moment where people are here to fight for what they know that this country can be, which is a place that welcomes refugees, that welcomes Muslims, that does not impose religious discrimination, so folks are excited to be here.

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