Podcast: The Katie Halper Show

On today’s episode of the Katie Halper Show, we talk about Donald Trump’s disgusting immigration policy, which, scarily enough, isn’t that different from other Republicans’ policies. Is Canadian-born Alan Thicke what Lindsey Graham would call a “birth tourist”? And is his son Robin Thicke what a lot of Republicans would call an “anchor baby”?Plus, learn which Democrat looked into his soul to determine he couldn’t support the Iran peace deal. Hint: he’s the only sitting senator who has been indicted and under investigation. Filmaker Jeremy Newberger talks to us about Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr movie, premiering on TV on August 20h at 9PM on CNN. Sarah Jaffe talks to us about black labor organizers and police unions. And we bring your our first edition of Right Wing Erotica.