Work Won’t Love You Back on Love It Or Leave it

I joined Samantha Clarke on the Love It Or Leave It podcast to talk about Work Won’t Love You Back.

On this episode of Love It or Leave it I am joined by Sarah Jaffe. She’s an independent journalist with a keen eye and mindset for the politics of power. We really get under the skin of workplace politics of dynamics, the divisions across race, gender, and start to help to cultivate a picture around the role that work plays in our life and how we can find work that’s worth doing. What is our definition of work? And how is that changing us as humans? We also talk about remote working and sociability and how that will shape our culture for many generations to come. She’s an incredible voice and I loved this episode, it’s quite a provocative one.

“A lot of people just have very little power, and they are stuck in the conditions that they’re given unless we actually all stand up for them and demand a workplace policy so that the government do something about these things.” – Sarah