Belabored Podcast #154: After Janus, with Charlotte Garden

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The day labor has been dreading is here: the Janus v AFSCME case was decided by the Supreme Court, and the public sector is now officially “right-to-work.” What does this actually mean? What did the Court rule, and what can we look forward to (or dread) next? Labor law professor Charlotte Garden, who submitted an amicus brief in the case and attended oral arguments, joins us to explain what happened and what the fallout might be.

We also look at a new domestic worker bill of rights introduced in Seattle, actions by Marriott workers around the country, Trump’s bonkers proposal to combine the departments of Labor and Education, and the impact of giving immigrants legal representation in deportation proceedings. For Argh, we look at tech workers’ rebellion against Trumpism and alternative ways to go on strike.

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Charlotte Garden at Seattle University School of Law

Charlotte Garden: This Supreme Court made it easier for conservatives to win First Amendment claims, but harder for liberals (NBC News THINK)

Charlotte Garden: The Deregulatory First Amendment at Work (Harvard Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Review)

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Argh, I Wish I’d Written That!

Sarah: Alex Press, How Silicon Valley workers are revolting against Trump’s immigration policy (Vox)

Michelle: Mark Engler, There’s More Than One Way to Strike the Boss (Jacobin)

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