Belabored Podcast #196: How the Pandemic Will Change Labor, with Bill Fletcher, Jr.

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The coronavirus crisis continues to ravage the economy, plunge millions into unemployment, and expose endemic inequalities in the workforce. Yet lawmakers are already speculating on how to “reopen” the economy as soon as possible, despite the looming public-health risks facing countless frontline workers and disproportionately harming communities of color. We speak with veteran labor activist Bill Fletcher, Jr. about what the pandemic is revealing about neoliberalism, the brokenness of our social welfare infrastructure, and how the labor movement can cope with the crisis and salvage itself.

In other news, we discuss the National Health Care Day of Action, the White House’s attempt to drive down immigrant farmworkers’ wages with Evy Peña, how Asian American labor activists are defending their communities with Kim Geron and Monica Thammrath, and health hazards at a Smithfield pork processing plant.

On May 1, join Sarah online for a May Day event with Sara Nelson and Stacy Davis Gates: System in Crisis: A Working-Class Vision for the Future

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