Review at In These Times!

Thanks, Shaun Richman, for the lovely review at my old workplace (CWA represent). In These Times was where I worked out a lot of the ideas in this book, so excellent to see it reviewed there. They’ll also be co-sponsoring my Chicago appearance next month–stay tuned for details, it’s gonna be so good.

Something is happening. Socialism is no longer a dirty word (the “S-word”), but something a sizeable portion of Americans tell pollsters is their preferred vision for society. It’s no longer an anachronism to speak of “the Left.” A brave and quickly organized movement for black lives has not only sparked a new civil rights movement but has gotten many of us to see the criminal justice system for what it is: the evolution of Jim Crow. Oh, and a hell of a lot more workers are striking than before.

There have been attempts to describe this emerging movement for social justice in book form before. The latest, Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt by Sarah Jaffe, is the best so far. The Nation Books publication was released Tuesday.

Jaffe, a freelance writer whose work has appeared everywhere from In These Times to The Guardian and The Atlantic, is a leading light in the new generation of labor and social justice reporters.

Event • Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Book Festival

Acclaimed journalist and Nation Institute Fellow Sarah Jaffe explores the groundswell of activism rising across the US, fighting back in the name of democracy against inequality, exploitation, debt, and police violence, in conversation with local organizers.

Event • Philadelphia, PA

Wooden Shoe Books

A reading with independent journalist Sarah Jaffe. Sarah Jaffe’s forthcoming book NECESSARY TROUBLE: Americans in Revolt (Nation Books, August 23, 2016) bears witness to the unprecedented trend of political engagement and social activism that has gripped Americans across state and party lines since 2008.

Event • Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Book Festival: The Whole World is Watching presented by The Nation

We are witnessing a moment of unprecedented political engagement and social activism. Pundits once fretted about Americans’ apathy, but in the last few years we’ve seen uprisings and protests coast to coast asserting the importance of Black Lives, economic equality, worker rights and alternative political candidates. Join three young writers who have thought deeply about […]

Event • Troy, NY

James Connolly Forum

I’ll be the first guest of the season at the James Connolly Forum in Troy, New York. (Near Albany.)